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The Thailand mission trip sharing

The Thailand mission trip to Kathy’s home was so good. At the local school, to see non christian kids sing songs with hand motions, smiling, having fun, even they don’t believe in Jesus but they know now who Jesus is. At kathy’s home it was very touching to see one night they have just one egg and a lot of rice for dinner. They eat more rice to make them full and every day they eat mainly vegetable, they eat some meat but not very much. yes they are  maybe poor in terms of money but they are not poor in Faith with the Lord. The last one is the day from the kids sharing to the team, one boy shared when his spirit drop or his life is in negative condition but God always sends someone to encourage him and filled up his spiritual full again.

Ratree Bunupuradah

Kathy’s home-a time to say goodbye

Village trip

Kathy’s home-Public playground

Kathy’s home-Games

Kathy’s home-VBS

Kathy’s home

English camp at the Local School : visiting New york city


Thai Food Cooking Classes : July 16, 2011

Secret of Ingredients : Cook with LOVE, foods will come out beautiful and delicious.

2011 August Team